Changes in candidate affiliations
A question has come up regarding how contracts are valued upon liquidation when candidates in a particular riding lose their party affiliation. This issue has gathered attention during the electoral campaign in British Columbia as four electoral candidates of the BC Conservative Party were dropped by their party (in the ridings of Vancouver-False Creek, Vancouver-West End, North Vancouver-Lonsdale, and Boundary-Similkameen) and one electoral candidate of the NDP was dropped by his party (in the riding of Kelowna-Mission). For the purpose of determining liquidation values of contracts, the affiliations reported by Elections BC are authoritative. If a candidate dropped by his party is elected, this candidate will not count towards the total seats won by the party that had originally fielded the candidate; they will be counted as independents and others instead. Similarly, votes for a candidate who was dropped by his party will not be counted towards the total for the party that originally fielded the candidate; these votes will be counted in the "others" category. In all instances, results reported by Elections BC will be authoritative and binding.
Posted Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 13:00