Canadian Federal Election 2021

Election Date: Monday, September 20, 2021
The election is over. Markets are closed.

Final Predictions, Election Day, September 20, 2021

Trading Statistics for the Final Day of Trading, September 19, 2021

Market Liquidation Information (updated Tuesday, September 21, 2021)

Yesterday was Election Day. Because of the pandemic, it is expected that final results may take longer than usual to determine because of the high number of special ballots. Because the results for the majority government and plurality markets are sufficiently clear and could not be changed through judicial recounts, these markets will be liquidated at the end of this week. The vote share and seats share markets will be liquidated after any judicial recounts have been completed and the writs have been returned. It is expected that all markets will be liquidated by mid-October. Preliminary liquidation values have been entered into the trading system and you can view them when you log in. Please note that the values for the popular vote share and seat share markets remain tentative. Please watch for announcements from the market director via email.

Official Election Information

Political Parties (currently represented in parliament)

Other Useful Information Sources About the Election